If you are facing any problems with your Brother Printer, then these troubleshooting tips may help you. Follow the below listed quick tips or connect with our high expertise technicians on Brother Printer support number to resolve your issue over phone. Our Brother Representatives help you directly discussing your issue over phone. They offer best solutions based on your problems or help remotely at absolutely free cost.

major printer issues/errors users face

Major Brother Printer Issues/Errors Users Face

  • Brother printer won’t print Errors
  • Brother Printer Installations 0x00000020 Error Code
  • Brother unable to print 70 error (emerges due to a paper jam)
  • Brother Printer Unable to Print Error
  • Brother Printer Unable to Scan
  • Brother Printer Unable to Clean
  • many more Brother printer troubleshooting functionality issues
brother printer troubleshooting tips

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Tips To Follow

  • Check the power supply. Power supply to your printer must be consistent.
  • Try turning your printer off and restart it if you face any issue in between sometime.
  • Check network/ USB cables or USB ports out timely.
  • Uninstall-Re-Install New Brother drivers.
  • Resetting and Deleting of Print Jobs.
  • Disconnect all the power connection and turn the printer off.
  • Establish a proper connection and resolve the conflict between them.
  • Resolving Brother Printer Troubleshooting Paper Jam or Paper Scraps.
brothre printer troubleshooting print quality errors

Brother printer print quality errors

Brother printers are well known for delivering high-quality prints. However, if the quality of your prints deteriorates it may allude to several causes including faulty installation of cartridges or depleted levels of ink in them. The following steps to fix them are as follows. 

How to fix Brother print quality problems 

  • Verify if the attributes of the sheet you are feeding into the printer match the type of paper mentioned. 
  • Confirm whether the media type setting in the printer driver corresponds to the kind of paper you are utilizing
  • Inspect if the toner cartridge is set appropriately. 
  • Lastly, ensure whether the drum unit is installed properly.

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  • Brother printer display errors
  • Brother printer frequent paper jamming issues
  • Brother printer Driver
  • Not able to print your document
  • Problems in Ink cartridge of the printer
  • Brother printer not connecting to the wireless router
  • Setup and setting of Brother printers and drivers
  • Brother printer installation error
  • Brother printer stops printing in half-way
  • Brother printer scanner not scanning
  • Brother printer network server issues
  • Plug and play of Brother printer not working
  • Brother printer running out of ink or toner
  • Very Slow printing problem
  • Smudging of ink on the printed paper
  • Faded or uneven prints
  • Brother Printer Offline
  • Brother Printer Troubleshooting
  • Brother Printer Customer Service

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How Do Brother Printer Help Number Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Brother printer not printing?

The most common explanation of this issue is the faulty connection between the computer and the Brother machine. This can happen as an outcome of the improper settings or configuration of the printer driver. So check that to fix this issue.  

What to do if the printer is not printing?

Some steps to adopt include:

  • Survey Your Printer's Error Lights. If there is any error prompt, then resolve it
  • Clean the Printer Queue. 
  • Ensure the Connections are firm. 
  • Update or reinstall the drivers.
  • Inspect for any paper jams and also reinstall the cartridges.

Why is my printer connected but not printing?

This could stem from several causes including inadequate paper or ink, faulty printer settings, or obsolete drivers.

How do you fix a Brother printer that is printing blank?

Some steps to adopt include: 

  • Updating the driver
  • Checking the ink levels
  • Replacing the cartridges
  • Inspecting the printer settings

Is Brother printer a good brand?

Yes, it is. Brother manufacturers some of the best printer models across the globe which deliver high-quality print and are suitable to every budget. 

How long should a Brother printer last?

The average life of any printer including Brother printers is approximately 3-5 years. With adequate maintenance, some printers can last longer, but with time, your device will require a replacement.