Brother Industries Ltd. is a Japanese MNC popular for its printers, desktops, multifunctionality printers, sewing machines, typewriters, scanners, and other computer-related devices. One popular device of Brother that makes it a sought-after brand is its printers. The gamut of printers offered by Brother is technically robust delivering supreme quality print with being efficient. Another essential and inseparable element of Brother printer is Brother Printer Drivers. If you are using a Brother printer, it goes without saying you require Brother printer drivers.

What are Drivers for Brother Printer?

A driver is any software that helps establish a link between 2 devices. For every hardware connected to your system, you need a particular driver for establishing the link between that hardware and your system. The Brother printer driver is a software that helps establish smooth connectivity between your system (laptop/PC) and your Brother Printer.

An All-in-one printer might conduct copying and faxing operations without requiring a link between your system and the printer, but for carrying out the scanning and printing functions, it is essential to have a Brother Printer Driver installed on your Windows or Mac. The drivers should be updated and running efficiently to keep brother printer problems away. (817) 442-6637 .

How to download brother printer driver windows 7,10 and install brother printer drivers

  • Download the brother printer drivers windows 10 or brother printer drivers windows 7 based on your OS by visiting the official website of Brother.
  • Establish the link between your printer and computer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Tap windows > Devices and Printers > Add a printer > Add a local printer.
  • Press Have disk, followed by Browse and navigate to the folder where the driver of Brother printer is downloaded.
  • Click Open followed by Ok.
  • Choose the Brother printer model you are using and tap Next.
  • If a message pops stating you already have a driver installed, press "Replace the Current Driver" and ok.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions by tapping Next.
  • You could also enlist the Brother printer as your default printer.
  • You can try a sample print and tap Finish. Voila, your brother printer drivers in windows 10 and 7 are installed.

How to download brother printer driver Mac?

  • Switch off the printer and choose the connection type.
  • Establish a connection between your Mac OS and Brother printer using the USB cable.
  • Turn on the printer and connect the printer either wired or wireless.
  • Tap on the Apple menu and navigate to System Preferences.
  • In the Printers console, select "Print and Fax", and press the "+" icon.
  • Choose the default icon and pick your printer from the list.
  • In the Print Using list, verify whether “XXXXXXX + CUPs” is enabled for CUPs drivers and “XXXXXXX + PS" for PostScript drivers.
  • Select Add followed by the "Quit System Performance" option after the Brother printer is appended in the list.
  • Once this process is effectuated, you could use your Brother printer on Mac.

Update brother printer drivers

It becomes crucial to update the drivers frequently as obsolete drivers may cause Brother printer troubleshooting. If you want to manually update the drivers, you could do so by:

  • Right-tap on the Start option and choose Device Manager.
  • Select Printers or Print Queues (depending on the version of Windows you are using)
  • Right-click on the printer and click on Update driver.
  • Choose the "Browse my computer for driver software".
  • Press the Browse icon.
  • Select the location and press Ok.
  • Click Next.
This shall update the brother drivers.
The above steps need to be executed to install, download, or update the Brother printer drivers on Mac or Windows.

In case any brother printer problem emerges or you face any problem while executing these steps, it is advised to reach out to Brother printer customer service number for resolution of all your issues.

If you are facing any of the above issue just call on our Printer Support Number