Why Won’t My Printer Print in Color? Fix it Here Easily

why won't my printer print in color

Printers have become a necessity in today’s world. Just like we own a cellular phone or laptop, owning a good quality printer is also a must. If you wish to purchase a good quality printer, there are numerous brands out there which provide a good quality print. However, they are devices and like every device, they are prone to incurring issues. If your printer won’t print color, this article is there to help you.

Reason behind printer not printing color ?

There are numerous reasons why your printer might be incurring an issue. To begin with, it could result from erroneous printer settings. At times, setting the setting to grayscale, you can print documents only in black and white. Change the settings to default to fix printer not printing color issue.

At times, this issue results when the printer is not maintained and it’s cartridges are clogged. In such situations, you can evoke the built-in cleaning feature of the printer to enjoy unhindered printing. Before carrying it out, you can try a sample print to see if the lines or spots of any particular color are broken or missing, that means there is an issue with the cartridge. In such a situation, you would be required to change the cartridge.

The common steps that can be undertaken to fix printer won’t print color issue is as follows:

How to print a demo page?

Before undertaking any steps, first try a demo print.

  • Access the control panel in your printer and choose the maintenance menu.
  • Choose maintenance, followed by “Printhead Nozzle Check”
  • Select print and this shall print a sample Page
  • If the lines of any color are hazy or spotty, it alludes to an issue with cartridge
  • Tap X and the printer will execute a print clean head procedure

How to Run a Printhead Cleaning

  • Tap start and it shall take 2 minutes to fully operate
  • After the printhead cleaning is complete, try another sample print.
  • See if the print quality is fine
  • If the print quality is not fine, halt for 10 minutes, and try a second cleaning
  • Repeat these steps a few times until the printer prints properly.
  • If even after several runs, the printer is not printing properly, then it means there is a problem with the cartridges.
  • Try replacing the cartridge and see if the print quality improves.

So here are the steps to fix the printer won’t print color issues. If you need any further assistance, then feel free to reach out to printer support number.

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