Procedure To Fix Brother Printer Error Ts-07

Brother is a Japanese brand quite popular for the range of user-friendly printers it manufactures. The printers due to some internal glitch or thorough usage may encounter an issue. One such issue which disturbs the user is Brother printer error ts-07.

If you are facing the Brother printer ts-07 error, this blog is for you. We shall talk about the causes of this error and ways to overhaul this problem. 

What is error ts-07 in brother printer?

The error ts-07 in Brother printer is a common sight and this error occurs when the Brother printer is unable to detect a WLAN access point or router that has WPS in it.

If you are struggling with this error, you needn’t worry. We shall provide effective solutions for mitigating this problem.  

Why does Brother printer error Ts-07 occur?

The most prevalent cause of the brother printer connection failed error TS 07 is if the printer is unable to identify the access point of the router. Also, if the Brother printer is unable to detect the router which has WPS enabled in it. The result of this issue is that brother printer not printing error can also stem and to resume with undisrupted printing, it becomes essential to fix this issue. Given below are steps to fix the issue.   

How do I fix the TS-07 error on my Brother printer?

The step by step procedure to overhaul the brother printer error ts-07 is as follows:

  • The first step entails ensuring that your WLAN supports WPS or AOSS. This can be verified either by locating any buttons on the WLAN or perusing through the documents which came along with it.
  • If the WPS is present, then set the wireless settings using the automated wireless option.
  • Confirm that you are able to use both the printer and the router together.
  • Place the printer in the vicinity of the router to enjoy internet connectivity without obstacles.
  • Don’t place any other device like phones and mobiles, which radiate signals, around the router.
  • Now, tap the Menu option on the Brother printer and navigate to Network.
  • Click Ok.
  • Locate WPS or AOSS option and select Ok.
  • Once prodded with the ‘WPS enable’ option, click Yes.
  • After the ‘Network I/F switched to wireless’ or ‘Enable WLAN’ prompt appears, choose Ok.
  • Now press and hold the WPS or AOSS button on your printer.
  • Hold on to the button till the printer is establishing a connection.
  • Once the connection is built, a WLAN report shall be printed.

If any errors are mentioned on the report, it is a safe choice to reach out to Brother tech support.

This procedure shall help you resolve the TS 07 error code on the Brother printer. However, if the error persists, feel free to dial brother printer customer service. I hope this helps!

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