Printer Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? Try These Best Solutions

Printer Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

Is your printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi ? Don’t worry. We have effective solutions that shall work for you.

Printers are the prime example of a modern marvel. And no doubt they are an essential device, however, at times we are so agitated by the errors they incur. Printers are made up of intricate components and it is obvious that even slight damage or issue with one single component can result in issues. While there might be various grave issues, one common problem that might have bugged you are printer won’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

If it shows that your printer is not connected to the network, some basic troubleshooting procedures can be undertaken to resolve this issue. Before adopting these procedures, it is always recommended to update the software of your printer. Download and install the latest software, firmware, or driver of your printer and inspect if that resolves the issue. If this doesn’t work, you can try the procedures given below.

How to fix it if the printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi?

1. Reboot or restart your printer

It goes without saying that at times, a simple booting up process is effective in fixing almost all printer issues. For rebooting your printer, just turn it off, disconnect the cables and cords, let it rest for some time, and then turn it on. See for yourself if this simple process helps fix the printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue.

2. Add the printer again

At times, when you are irked by the regular offline message related to the printer, you can try this solution. Navigate to settings, followed by Devices, and printers, and scanners. There, select your printer and just remove it. Thereafter, tap adds and go through the entire process of re-adding your printer.

3. Place the printer closer to the router

Sometimes, the printer won’t connect to the network because it is not receiving adequate network strength. So to ensure your printer connects, try to place your printer as close as possible to the router and see if that fixes the issue.

4. Hardwire your printer

The best retort to this problem, especially when nothing works, is to remove the printer from Wi-Fi and instead connect it to the network using wires and cords. Using wires ensures your printer gets a stable connection and reduces the toil of troubleshooting it every time. If you have ethernet at your home, try connecting the printer using the ethernet jack present on its rear.

5. Connect the printer to the computer

Another way to make your printing hassle-free is to connect your system to the printer using a USB cord and then give commands directly to the printer. Thereafter, you can use the share PC option to connect it to various other systems at your place.

The process to share PCs is by opening devices and printers, selecting your printer, and choosing printer properties. There you can access the sharing tab to share PCs. In Mac devices, you can select system preferences, then sharing, followed by printer sharing to use this feature. See if this process seems beneficial.

So here were our solutions for fixing the network issue of your printer. If the issue continues, just reach out to the printer support number and let experts take over.

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