How To Fix Printer is Not Printing Error

Printer Not Printing

The printer is not printing is a common problem and anyone can frustrate when their printer stops printing. It is difficult to provide a complete guide due to the many operating systems and printers available. But don’t worry in this blog we are going to fix the printing errors.

Why Is My Printer Not Printing

We found many queries on the internet like why my printer is not printing, why I am unable to print, why does my printer says Error And many more. So we decide that we will give answers to those printers users.  It can happen for many different reasons.

  • Drivers out-of-date or missing
  • Failure of connections
  • Ink problems
  • Windows can be configured in bad ways
  • Find out more

Any printer can have frustrations even if it is something as simple as a printer not printing ink or a paper jam.

Printer Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Printer is not printing issue

These tips will help you avoid printer won’t print problems and get back to work today.

1. Check Printer Connectivity:  

Check printer connection

If your printer is connected then please check again your connection  and if your printer is not connected then follow these steps:

  • Place your printer close to your computer. The cable should reach your computer without tension.
  • Turn on the printer. Press the power button on your printer.
  • The printer should be connected to a power source.
  • Turn on your computer and unlock it. Then, connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable.

2. Install or Update Printer Drivers

Update Printer Drivers

Driver error is a major reason for printer not printing error so please Check Your printer driver is correctly installed on your computer and also check drivers are updated. If your system has not supported the driver for your printer then follow these steps:

  • Visit the printer support website for your printer manufacturer. Search the internet for your printer manufacturer’s name and the word “support” such as HP printer support.
  • You can often find driver updates on the website of the printer manufacturer. Some support websites allow you to search directly for your printer model number. Find and download the most recent driver for your printer model. Next, follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Drivers are usually self-installable. Double-click or double-tap the downloaded file to start installing it. Follow these steps to reinstall your printer.
  • Select your printer.

3. Check Your Printer Ink Cartridge

printer cartridge

If your printer saying printer won’t print error then it is a chance that your printer has no ink or ink cartridge error. So Check your printer cartridge if there is no ink the fill ink in your cartridge.

4.  Printer Paper jam

Some time printer says printer error due to paper stuck in your printer so you have to check paper jam error in your printer and if you want to remove stuck paper follow these steps:

printer paper jam
  • Open the Rear Cover.
  • Pull the paper out slowly.
  • Remove the paper from the Front Tray if it is in the Manual Feed Slot.
  • The Rear Cover should be kept open.
  • You can pull the Cassette gently with your hands, until it stops. Then lift the near side slightly.
  • Press the lever to release the paper jam from the printer. Then, slowly pull the paper out.
  • Close the rear cover
  • Insert the Cassette again into the printer and then press the RESUME/CANCEL Button on the printer.

Some Important Printer Which Occurred Printer Not Printing Error

Most people use these brands of printers like HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother So We are going to Fix printer won’t print error on these Brands printer’

HP Printer Not printing Error

  • Turn On/Off Your Printer
  • Update or reinstall printer driver
  • Set your printer as default
  • All print jobs can be cancelled
  • Check Status of your printer.

Canon printer not Printing Error

  • Clear the paper jam error
  • Check power connection
  • Install Canon printer drivers
  • Set Canon printer as default printer

Epson Printer Not Printing

  • Check Connection
  • Delete previous printing commands
  • Reinstall the printer driver

Brother Printer Won’t Print

  • Check the connection
  • Set your Brother printer as the default device
  • Restart the Print Spooler service
  • Update your printer driver
  • Clear the print queue

Dial Printer troubleshooting guide number USA/Canada 8174426637 For Instant Solution

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