Lexmark Printer Offline

How to fix Lexmark printer offline issue?

Printers have become a necessity in today’s world and having a good quality printer is a must. And Lexmark printers find a place among the best printers. Along with their prime features, they also have an easy-to-use interface, making them a popular printer brand. However, every device may incur issues and Lexmark printers are no different. Users face the Lexmark printers getting the offline issue. If you are facing this issue, then this blog is for you.


Reasons behind Lexmark printer says offline

Lexmark printer offline issue may hinder your printing needs and it is important to fix it. Before figuring out the ways to fix this issue, let’s understand the reasons behind this issue.

  • Printer settings: Faulty printer settings may result in the offline issue of the printer. So, change the printer settings.
  • Connections: If you use a USB cable for your Lexmark printer, then a loose USB connection might be the cause of this issue.
  • Obsolete drivers: If you are using outdated drivers, then again it might show a printer offline message.
  • Hardware problems: If there is a fault in the printer hardware, then you might encounter this problem.

So, no matter what the cause of your issue is, this blog shall help fix your issue. So without much delay, let’s understand the steps to mitigate this issue.

How to get a Lexmark printer online

Simply execute the steps given below to get your printer online.

Step 1: Check the power supply

The first step entails checking the power supply. At times, the hindered power supply is the cause of the issue. So, please check whether the power supply light is on. If you witness the light blinking, then it shows that the printer has an issue.

Step 2: Inspect the connection

Now, the next step is to check the connections of the printer. First, ensure all the cables and cords of the printer are tightly fastened.

Step 3: Check the hardware

At times, Lexmark printer offline windows 10 error might erupt due to hardware glitches like paper jam, etc. Physically examine the printer for stuck bits of paper and once you find any, then do remove it.

Step 4: Examine the printer drivers

If you are using an older version of the printer driver, then the offline issue might turn up. So, check for any driver updates and once you find any, do update your drivers.

Step 5: Check printer settings

Under the Control panel, open the settings of your printer and see if it is offline. Change the printer to online and see if the issue is resolved.

Step 6: Restart the printer

Restart your printer after the above steps are executed. See if the Lexmark printer offline Mac issue gets fixed.

Troubleshooting Support for Lexmark Printer offline

The aforementioned steps shall help resolve your offline issues. However, if your issue continues, no need to panic. Just dial our Lexmark printer support number and get connected to an expert who shall fix your issue within minutes.