A Complete Guide To Fix HP Printer Error Code E3

hp printer error e3

How to Fix HP printer error e3

Printers have become an essential device in today’s time. Almost every workplace and home have a printer now. Printers accomplish a lot of tasks and current printers come with various other features including scanning, photocopying, faxing apart from printing. In a broad sense, printers are of two types- inkjet and laser which are improving with every passing day. No matter which printer you choose, the fact is that printers have become a necessity in today’s time. One printer brand which is a favorite among the masses is HP.

What does E3 mean on an HP printer?

HP printers are one of the best printers but unfortunately, they aren’t completely free from errors. One common error that disturbs users is HP printer error e3.

The major reason for the error e3 on an HP printer is paper jams. And the easiest way to fix it is to reset the printer. If you are facing this error, then given below are the steps to resolve this issue.

How to fix HP printer error code E3

The hp printer error code E2, as well as E3, can be evaded by regularly cleaning the printer. Ideally, every printer should be clean once a weak to evade any errors. If however, the issue appears, then execute the following steps:

Check for paper jam

  • Remove the top cover of the printer and check for paper jams.
  • If you find any stuck bits, then carefully remove them.
  • Also, check the input and output tray for any paper jams. After doing it check if the e3 error hp printer is fixed or not.

Inspect the ink cartridges

  • Ensure the cartridges are free to move
  • Also, check if there is any alien object stuck in it
  • After that, remove the cartridges and reinstall them
  • Close the access door and see if HP E3 is fixed or not.

How to fix HP printer error state

If you are encountering the HP printer in error state issue, do not worry. Given below are steps to fix them.

Confirm That The Printer Status Is Not ‘Offline’

Execute the following steps to ensure this:

  • Open the Run dialog box and there type the control panel. Press Ok.
  • Select devices and printers
  • From the list, right-click on the HP printer and disable the option ‘Use printer offline

Verify the hp printer is the default printer

If the error state message erupts in your HP printer, ensure the printer is set as the default printer. To verify that, do as follows:

  • Open control panel on your system
  • Navigate to devices and printers
  • Select your HP printer and right-tap on it.
  • Choose the ‘set as default’ option
  • Once done, a green tick mark would appear on your printer

The aforementioned steps would help fix your common HP printer errors. In case of any existing doubts or issues, feel free to contact HP printer customer service and let experts solve your errors.

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    1. To Fix Hp Printer Error e2 Follow:
      The first step entails canceling any ongoing or queued print tasks. To do so, simply

      1. Visit the printer and devices option and cancel all the print tasks.
      2. Edit the print settings.
      3. Open the file menu, followed by print settings.
      4. Select print settings.
      5. Change the paper settings to suit your preference.
      6. You can also revoke the quality settings to attain better prints.
      7. Tap ok to save the changes.

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