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If you are seeking a procedure for a reset brother printer to factory setting , you are in the right place. This article shall talk about the various ways how you can reset brother printer and ward off printers-related errors.

Brother is a popular Japanese brand, establishing itself as a brand manufacturing prime quality printers. If you are a Brother printer owner, with time and thorough usage, you may encounter a gamut of printer errors. These errors could range from brother printers not printing to some error codes. If yes, then you would have also looked for ways to resolve them. The common procedure to overhaul a majority of printer issues is to reset them.

How to reset brother printer

Follow the steps given below.
1. Verify whether the Brother printer is turned off or not.
2. Check if the front cover is closed. Also, verify if the power cord is well fastened.
3. Press the power button and the go button.
4. Hold the go button until all the LED buttons lit up.
5. Confirm whether the LED light adjacent to Ready is lit.
6. If it lits up, let go of the Go button.
7. Press the Go button 6 times until all LED lights lit up.

Other methods to reset Brother printer

There are other 3 ways to reset printer. This includes network, all settings, address and fax. The network reset let’s reset the password and IP address. The address and fax method resets all addresses and stored phone numbers. When you select All settings, all the settings would be restored to factory settings. It would also execute the brother printer toner reset. If there are any queries related to Brother printers, feel free to contact brother printer customer service. I hope this helps!

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