Your guide for How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer

How to print from iPhone to HP printer

Own an iPhone and wish to use it to give print commands to your HP printer? This blog provides you with a comprehensive guide for print from iPhone to HP printer.

How to print from iPhone to HP printer?

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Want to print from an iPhone with an HP printer? Then AirPrint is the application you need. AirPrint is an inbuilt printing application that lets you print from Apple iOS and iPad. Once you have this app, you can print directly from any software that has a print feature. If you wish to install AirPrint, the step by step procedure is as follows:

Setup printer network connection

Before starting with the procedure, ensure you connect your printer as well as your Apple device with the same internet connection.

  • On your Apple device, ensure there is a tick on your WIFI. If you are connected to some other network, connect to the one you wish to use.
  • In your printer, tap the wireless icon or settings console. This shall highlight the connection status of your printer.
  • The connection should either be ready or connected.
  • Place the printer in the vicinity of the Wi-Fi.
  • Now open setup > network > wireless menu. Now choose the network you wish to use and enter the credentials.

Your printer and Apple device shall be connected to the same network.

In case you face any issue, just reach Contact us and our guide shall help you with it.

Print from your Apple device

Now comes the procedure to start the printing.

  • First, make your printer ready. For that, verify it is turned on, has cartridges, and even has a stack of paper loaded in it.
  • Now access the document you wish to print and tap the share
  • Select the print icon
  • Now, choose the print features like color, paper type, etc., and once it is done, press print.

This was the procedure for how to print from iPhone to HP printer by AirPrint. We hope you found the article useful. If you face any issues and need assistance regarding it, contact HP printer support.

How to print from iPhone to HP printer without AirPrint

While having AirPrint is an easy means to directly print from iPhone to HP printer, don’t be disheartened if you do not have this application. There are other ways to print on an HP printer from an iPhone. If you wish to know about them, read further.

Using third-party applications

handprint for Mac to activate AirPrint

HandyPrint is a small application that enables all Mac devices to install AirPrint. It works with macOS Catalina and for using it, you can simply install it from Netputing.

Use Printopia to AirPrint without logging in to your Mac

Printopia is a great way to use AirPrint for your apple devices without logging in to your Mac. It has the feature to add up to 5 printers and you can also sync Dropbox with this application.

Use print to connect with Windows PCs

If you use Windows, you can still activate AirPrint on your Apple devices. Using this application, you can give print commands to your HP printer connected to windows using apple devices.

So here were options for how to print on your HP printer using an iphone. In case you encounter issues, feel free to connect to the HP Customer Service number.


You can also print wirelessly without AirPrint by installing your printer's app on an iPhone or iPad, or by connecting your appliances with a USB cable and adapter.
If you wish to print from iPhone to HP, AirTight is your go-to application. Just install it and you can directly use it to give print commands.
You can print from iPhone to HP wireless printer using AirPrint. You just need to install it and voila, you can print directly from all your Apple devices.

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