How to Fix HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working Error

How to Fix HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working

Hp is one of the tycoons in the field of printers. The quality and design of HP printers make them among the best printer brands. However, with thorough usage, it might face issues. One such problem is HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working Error.

If you are facing the Hp envy printer touchscreen not working error, then this blog is for you. Find the solutions below to have undisturbed printing.


Why is my HP envy printer touch screen not working?

The wrong configuration is the potential cause of this issue. Just by following a few easy steps, your issue may be resolved.

How to fix this issue?

The touchscreen not working in HP envy 4520 and various other models can be resolved by following steps. Just read the steps given below to fix the issue.

Restart your printer

At times, simply restarting the printer may be effective in fixing the issue. For that, you simply have to switch off the printer, let it rest for a minute or two, and then turn it on. Thereafter, try using the touchscreen. If you still face problems in your Hp envy 7640 or other hp envy models, follow the other steps.

Connect to a power source

Now, simply turn off the printer and remove all the cables and cords of the printer. After waiting for a few minutes, the next step is to plug them in again and see if the touchscreen of HP envy 7620 works again. If the issue prevails, you can try the next step.

Reset HP printer

If the touchscreen is not working in HP printers like HP envy 6055, etc. you can try to reset the printer. For that, you need to turn off the printer and remove the cables. Thereafter, turn it on and connect the power cord. Try using the touchscreen and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Update printer drivers

The touchscreen not working can stem from obsolete drivers. Thereafter, update the drivers and resolve the issue.

For updating the drivers, visit the control panel of your printer. Then, using navigation keys, choose the touch setup. Thereafter, select web services setup. Using arrow keys, choose product updates. Follow the screen commands to update the drivers.

Update The Firmware

Another way is to update the firmware. Firmware is an integral part of the printer and if there is an issue, it might result in the printer not working. Simply, visit the official site of HP. Thereafter, from there download and install the latest version of the firmware.

If the above steps don’t work, you needn’t worry. Touchscreen not working is a common issue and can be fixed easily. For that, you can either take it to a service center to get it fixed or if you are short on time you can contact our printer helpline support number to get the required help. You can simply talk to our expert and they shall guide you on the phone about how to fix it. This shall save your time and effort and you can get assistance by sitting at the comforts of your home. So next time you face an issue, just call us.

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