Tried solution to fix Epson printer offline error

Epson Printer Offline

Why is my Epson printer offline?

Every printer user faces an offline issue at least once while using their devices. Epson printer offline is a common issue and this blog would talk about the probable causes of this error and how to fix it.

If your Epson printer says offline, the common reasons for the same are as follows:

  • Connectivity issue between your Epson printer and device
  • Printer spooler issue
  • Archaic drivers
  • Some other hardware or software glitch

Below mentioned are ways to fix this issue.

Epson printer offline error and how to get online

Epson printer keeps going offline is a prevalent issue and can be rectified by following some easy steps. We gave mentioned procedure to fix this issue on Mac as well as windows. So based on your OS, do the needful.

Epson printer offline windows 10

If you are facing an offline error in the Epson printer on Windows 10, you can execute the procedure written below to overhaul your problems.

Epson printer offline, how to turn online windows 10

Disable use printer offline setting

  • Restart your Epson printer.
  • Ensure it is connected to the system.
  • Access your computer as the admin
  • Open the run prompt and visit the control panel
  • Select devices and printers.
  • Right-tap on your Epson device and select what’s printing
  • Click on use printer offline to remove the mark
  • Now the printer is online.

Delete pending print jobs

  • In the windows search, type services.msc
Delete pending print jobs

  • Right-click on spooler and choose properties
print spooler

stop print spooler
  • Type %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS in the windows search bar
open printer spooler

  • Delete all the files
  • Restart the spooler and close the window
reastart the spooler

Ensure your printer is set as default

  • Visit devices and printers on the control panel
devices and printers

  • Right-click on your printer and select Set as default
set as default printer
  • You would now notice a green tick mark adjacent to it

Update your drivers and check the connection

Epson printer offline issue also stems due to obsolete drivers and faulty connections. To ensure your drivers and up to date. Also, inspect the connectivity of your printer, and if loose, tighten it.

Epson printer offline mac

Faulty settings or loose connections are the primary cause of offline errors in Mac. If you are a Mac user, the Epson printer offline fix is given below.

Epson printer offline how to turn online mac

Reset Apple MAC ‘Print Settings’ Option

  • Click on the Apple menu and select system preferences

apple menu
system prefrence
  • Visit printer and scanner section
printer and scanner section

  • Right-tap on your Epson printer and select Reset Printing System
Reset Printing System

  • Type your Mac credentials and hit Ok
  • Once it is complete, click the + icon to add the printer
add printer

  • Thereafter your printer shall be back online

Removing extra printers on Mac system

Another Troubleshooting Epson printer method is by removing any extra printers on your device. The process for the same is as follows:

  • Visit Apple Menu>System and Preference>Printer and Scanners
  • Remove all other printers by tapping the – sign
  • Set the Epson printer as the default printer
  • Restart the printer and your issue shall be resolved

In this blog, we have mentioned procedures to resolve the offline error in Epson printers on Mac as well as windows. If you still face the problem, then feel free to contact our Epson support number.

The procedure to switch the printer online from offline is by ensuring the connections are firm, accurate printer settings, and keeping the drivers up to date.
There may be several reasons for the same. The major causes for this error are obsolete drivers, loose connections, inaccurate printer configuration, etc.
The Epson troubleshooting steps for this error are updating your drivers, setting the wf 2650 printer as default, and ensuring the 'use printer offline' setting is not enabled.
You can do so by visiting the control panel. There, select printers and devices. On your Epson printer, right-click and set it as the default printer.
The issue would be with the printer settings. For this, in printers and devices, spot your Epson printer. Right-click on it and disable the use printer offline setting. Also, set it as the default printer.

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