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epson printer error 0X9a

Courtesy the technological advancement, our lives are filled with various devices that make our lives easy including printers and computers. Printers make our lives easy and save our efforts and time. Although printers are an example of technical finesse, they are not completely free from errors. They might incur a lot of errors due to a number of reasons. Epson printer error code 0x9A is one of the prevalent errors that disturb users.

Error 0x9a in Epson printer is a common error and can be tackled easily. If you find difficulty in any of the steps or need expert advice, we recommend you to reach out to us.

Causes of Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A

This error code alludes to an issue with the cartridge. When the cartridge blocks the printer’s functioning, then this error occurs. Foreign objects or any other jam of the paper tray also results in this issue. A dirty encoder chip, dislocated printer assembly, or disrupted rails might also cause this error.

Also, this error might occur due to a number of hardware glitches like damaged printer gear, broken printhead, and a lot more. A problem with the chip might also result in this problem. We have understood the causes behind this error, lets understand the Epson printer troubleshooting procedures for this error code.

Ways to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A

Method 1: Clean the Printer

1 Firstly, terminate all the printing jobs from your computer and remove the top cover of the printer.

2. Inspect the printer for any alien objects like paper, pins, etc.

3. Carefully remove any alien object, if you find so.

4. Hit the start button.

5. If you still face the error, move on to the next step

6. Press the power button to power off the printer

7. Thereafter, remove the stuck bits of paper by raising the scanner unit

8. Once done, place the scanner unit and turn on the printer

9. Load the paper in the prescribed manner

10. Try a demo print and see if the error is removed or not


Method 2: Inspect the carriage of the printer

Raise the top portion of the printer to detect whether the carriage is moving or not. If you see restricted movement, then try to move it manually. If you are unable to, remove dirt and debris by blowing air. Once done, mount the top lid and restart the printer. If the issue persists, move on to the next step.


Method 3: Clean the encoder strip

The process to clean the encoder strip is as follows:

Switch off the printer and take out its top cover.

Dunk a soft cleaning cloth into the cleaning solvent.

Raise the encoder strip to the left and rub it carefully with the cleaning cloth.

Dab away the excess ink from the encoder strip except for the printhead.

Be very cautious so that the ink solvent does not enter into the printer. If you are scared of the same, dab the strip with a dry cleaning cloth to avoid internal harm.

Method 4: Reset the printer

The last retort to eradicate this error is to reset the printer. For resetting the printer, you need to turn off your printer and disconnect all the cords to and fro the printer. Let it rest for some time. Thereafter, reconnect the cables and turn on your printer. Once done, check if error 0x9a is resolved or not.

We hope these methods prove beneficial for you. However, if the issue continues, reach out to our Epson printer customer service.

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