How to Fix Brother Printer Error E52 problem

Brother Printer Error E52

Brother Printer Error E52 is one of the most prevalent issues faced by brother printer users. This blog shall present some easy solutions to resolve this issue.

Brother is a world-class brand globally. It has been delivering some of the greatest printers infused with the latest technology and economical cost. But like every gadget getting issues, brother printers are no different.

This blog shall present viable ways to resolve the Error code E52 to enjoy unhindered printing.

Reasons behind Brother Printer Error E52

Some of the reasons which might result in this problem are:

  • Power fluctuation
  • Motor getting overheated
  • When the device overloads
  • Printer jam issue
  • Faulty power supply

How to troubleshoot Brother Printer Error E52

Now let’s understand the steps to resolve the E52 Error code on Brother printers.

1.   Inspect the printer

Ensure that all the cables of the printer are firmly attached. If you suspect any loose connections, try to fasten them. Also, you could clean the cable and reconnect them.

2.   Check the power supply

As one of the major causes of this problem is power fluctuation, inspect the power supply. If the voltage is higher than the set limit, do the changes and use your printer.

3.   Update the driver

Lastly, open the control panel on your system and update the brother printer drivers.

So these were the steps to resolve the E25 on the brother printer. In case of any existing issues, directly reach out to Brother Printer Support.

The common Brother printer troubleshooting steps include
  • Restart the printer
  • Update the drivers
  • Check for any paper jams
  • Reset the printer

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