How do I reset my canon printer to factory settings?

If you are a Canon printer user, you can peruse this guide. This blog shall provide a detailed answer to how do I reset my canon printer to factory setting.

Canon printers are quite popular among the masses for the phenomenal features offered by them. The quality of the printers is unparalleled in the entire globe. No doubt, Canon is considered the best printer brand around the world. Like every device is susceptible to incurring glitches, so is the Canon printer. At times, many error codes in Canon printer require them to be reset to factory mode. So this blog shall provide a comprehensive way to reset the Canon printer.

Procedure to reset canon printer

The factory reset Canon printer method brings back the printer to its normal functioning. Canon printer reset wards off a plethora of minor as well as major issues including slow printing, a variety of error codes, etc. There is a number of ways of resetting the printer and this blog shall cover the following segments:

1. Power reset of Canon printer

2. Ink reset of Canon printer

3. Hard reset of Canon printer

4. Resetting Pixma Printer

5. Factory reset of Canon Printer

6. Power Resetting of Canon Printer

This kind is a soft reset method, nonetheless is capable of eradicating several issues. The procedure to do the same is

  • Switch off your printer and remove the power cord from the Canon printer.
  • After a few minutes, connect the power cord.
  • Turn on the printer and try a demo print to see if the issue is fixed.

How to reset canon printer ink?

Some printers are instilled with the ability to detect depleted ink levels and warn if the cartridges need replacement. To reset the cartridges:

  • Take out the older cartridges from the slot.
  • Ensure the chip is functioning properly.
  • Insert the new cartridge and wait till the LED light becomes stable.
  • If the lights don’t become stable, re-install them.
  • Now see if the cartridges are placed properly.

How to do Hard Reset

The hard reset brings back the printer to factory settings.

  • Tap the Stop button until you hear an alarm.
  • Thereafter, press the Start button at least 13 times.
  • This shall execute the canon printer reset. Once done, you need to install the drivers and set the network settings.

How to reset Canon Pixma printer

If you own a Canon Pixma printer, do as follows:

  • Turn on the printer and using arrow keys navigate to Device Settings on the menu.
  • Tap ok and choose the resetting option.
  • Switch off the printer and press the Stop and power buttons together.
  • Let go of the Stop button and tap the Stop button 2 times while holding the Power button.
  • After halting for 30 seconds, tap the Stop button 4 times.
  • Press the power button 2 more times and switch off the printer to reset it.

This method shall be efficacious in answering how to reset canon mx922 printer. These methods are suggested canon printer troubleshooting steps. In times of issues or queries, reach out to canon printer support USA for a quick resolution of your doubts. I hope this helps!

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