Epson Printer WPS Pin Guide

Epson Printer WPS PIN

Epson printers have established themselves as one of the prime printers globally delivering high-quality print at the most economical price. If you possess a wireless Epson printer and want to connect it to your system using WPS, then this blog is for you.

WPS has become the effortless way to connect your wireless Epson printers to the system. Just a few easy steps and you can use your Epson printer without any hassles. So let’s start.

What is WPS on Epson on the printer?

WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup. For using WPS safely, you need to enter a pin. Once you fill in the PIN, you can use Epson printers without any issues. The WPS method is the quickest means to establish a connection.

So now let’s delve into further details regarding the same.

Where is the WPS pin on the Epson printer?

The WPS pin is present on the control panel of the printer. By using arrow keys you can access it and use it further to establish the link between the Epson printer and the system. The next section talks about how to spot the WPS pin. If you face any troubles while executing these steps, please reach out to our Epson printer support number.

How do I find the WPS PIN code?

To find the WPS pin code,

  • Turn on your printer
  • Ensure it is fully operational. If you spot the Epson printer is offline error, fix it and then move to the next step.
  • In your printer, select the wireless mode
  • The wireless light shall start blinking blue.
  • If yes, then all the detail pertaining to the offline setting shall be displayed.
  • Select WPS mode setting.
  • The WPS pin shall be displayed
  • Open your system and try to connect it to the same wireless network.
  • While the computer is getting connected to the printer, it shall ask for the WPS pin
  • Type the pin to successfully connect the Epson printer to the system.

If you face any issues, reach out to our Epson printer support team.

How do I connect my Epson printer to WPS?

If you wish to connect your Epson printer to WPS, you can do so using the WPS push or WPS pin method. WPS pin is the advised method and the detailed procedure of the same is mentioned below.

WPS pin method

  • In the rear of the router, try to find the WPS pin
  • Enable the WPS pin on the router
  • Thereafter, enter this pin on your printer and to be on a safer side, edit the pin

So here was a comprehensive guide related to Epson printer WPS pin. If you need assistance regarding epson printer troubleshooting or any other guidance, feel free to contact us.

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