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Epson printer not printing after changing ink

The Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing ink is a prevalent issue that bothers users. This article shall talk about the reasons for this error and how to mitigate them.

Your Epson Printer alluded to low ink levels in the cartridge and you replaced the older cartridges with new ones. However, the printer still doesn’t resume finding. If this scenario is something you resonate with, you can take a sigh of relief.

Why is the Epson printer not printing after changing ink?

The common causes why Epson printer won’t print after changing ink include:

  • Obsolete printer chip
  • Change in the orientation of the level
  • Inappropriate cartridges
  • Printer set in offline mode
  • Inaccurate printer drivers
  • Installing the cartridges in the switched-off state of the printer

If you are battling the Epson printer not printing after changing ink issue, we are there to sort it. Read the given below methods to fix this issue.

How to fix the Epson printer not working after changing ink problem?

Investigating the protective tape

Every cartridge has a protective tape instilled in it. You must verify whether you remove the protective tape before setting the ink cartridges of the Epson printer. If due to any carelessness, the protective tape is still inside the printer, the Epson printer won’t function properly.

Updating the Epson printer drivers

At times, obsolete printer drivers may result in stemming of the Epson printer not printing issue. If the outdated drivers are the cause of this issue, it is suggested to update the drivers. You could either do the same by visiting the official website of Epson or by navigating to the control panel in your system.

Resetting the printer

Resetting the printer is an easy Epson printer troubleshooting procedure that may resolve this issue. The printers have a reset button on them (usually in the backside). Using a pointed object press and hold that button while you switch on the printer.

Cleansing the printer head

Some debris in the printer head might also cause this issue. To clean the printer head, do as follows:

  • Navigate to Control Panel on your computer.
  • Open Hardware and sound.
  • Visit Devices and Printers console.
  • Right-tap on the Epson printer and pick ‘Printing Preferences ‘.
  • Select the head cleaning option and halt for a few minutes till the cleaning process is happening.

The above procedures may mitigate the Epson printer issue. By chance any issue continues, do not hesitate to reach out to the Epson Printer Technical Support team.

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