The Correct Procedure For Epson Printer Firmware Reset

Epson frequently launches its Epson printer firmware update to resolve any kind of big related to printers. Along with this, these updates also increase the overall efficiency of the device. Although the updated firmware has its benefits, unfortunately, it also carries a set of its cons. One primary drawback of Epson printer firmware is that it hinders the use of third-party cartridges.

This article talks about ways how to downgrade, reset, or update the firmware of Epson printers.

How To Reset Epson Printer Firmware

The Epson printer firmware downgrade entails the following steps:

  • Ensure to connect your printer to the system via the USB cable. For the resetting or downgrading of the Epson firmware, it is mandatory to establish a USB connection.
  • Remove all the ink cartridges from their respective slots.
  • Switch off the printer. Based on your printer model, follow the steps given below:
    • Epson XP-300 to XP-630 printers: Tap the Stop, Left Arrow, Home, and Power buttons concurrently.
    • Epson XP-440 to XP 446 / XP-640 to XP 646 printers: Press and hold the Stop, Left Arrow, Down Arrow, and Power buttons simultaneously.
    • Epson XP-800 to XP-830 printers: Tap and hold the Top Right Corner of the Touch Screen and Power buttons together.
  • Download the former firmware of your printer. For this yo,u might need to do some research based on your model. This firmware can be downloaded from a trusted website.
  • Once the software is downloaded, double-tap on it. Follow the screen commands to install it.
  • You are required to carefully follow each instruction and also be patient while the entire process is taking place.
  • Once done, tap Ok and switch off the printer. Voila, your Epson printer firmware is reset.

If you face any issues in carrying out these steps, reach out to the Epson support number.

How To Update Epson Printer Firmware

To update the Epson firmware, follow these steps.

  • Click start and open the Epson software.
  • Select Epson software updater.
  • From the list, select your model.
  • Choose Firmware Updater by checking the box.
  • Tap the install item option
  • If you receive a prompt click Yes.
  • Choose Agree followed by Ok.
  • Click Start.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish. Once it is over, click Finish.
  • Voila, your Epson firmware is updated.

How to stop Epson printer firmware updates

If you want to ward off any Epson printer firmware updates, you can simply follow these steps:

Method 1:

  • In the search bar enter Epson software updater.
  • Choose your printer model.
  • Open the Auto-update settings and select Never.
  • Tap ok and close the window to save the settings.

Method 2:

In this method, simply right-click on the Epson icon in the toolbar. Open the Auto update settings console and choose Next. Save the settings and you are good to go.

These procedures shall update, reset or downgrade, and stop your Epson firmware updates. If you find these steps ambiguous or find any difficulty in executing them, feel free to contact us on our printer support number. Our delegates shall be happy to assist you.

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