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Fix Epson Printer Error Code E01

Epson Printer Error Code E01 is one of the standard issues that clients encounter. This glitch ends the printing activities and as a rule, stems during the introduction cycle.

This article gives an exhaustive answer to fix this Epson printer error code e01.

epson printer error code e01

Why Epson Printer Error code e01 Occured

A few reasons why Epson printer error code e01 happens is as per the following:

•             Loose USB associations or power cord

•             The position of the CD plate gets disturbed

•             The printer transportation locking measure becomes faulty

•             Printer drivers become obsolete

•             CISS establishment in the printers

How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code E01?

how to fix epson printer error e-01

Some guaranteed methods to resolve Epson Printer Error Code E01 are as following:

1.            Power Cycle

  • Turn off the printer and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Once the time is over, restart the printer. Go through the initialization cycle and check whether the blunder code has been removed. If the Epson printer issue continues, follow the next steps.

2.            Double check the lock of the printer

Guarantee that the transportation lock of the printer has been eliminated. Handling the transportation lock is an effective technique to end this issue.

3.            Examining the CD plate of the printer

Affirm the CD plate isn’t out and the direction of the plate is precise. When you guarantee the orientation of the CD plate is accurate, restart the printer to affirm the issue has been settled.

4.            Monitor the Cartridge 

If CISS is introduced in your printer, inspect whether the cartridges are allowed to move right and left. Additionally, check for any stuck bits of paper and confirm the ink level in the cartridges are adequate.

5.            Printer check-up

Examine all the pieces of the printer and whether or not CISS is introduced. Confirm the hardware of the printer doesn’t have a fault. In case CISS is introduced, odds are it is preventing the mechanism of the cartridges and causing Epson Printer Error E-01. In such a situation, supplant the cartridges with authentic Epson printer cartridges. Also, you could evoke the Epson printer Troubleshooting option; once the scan is over, simply tap Fix.  

The previously mentioned steps are some simple and compelling techniques to moderate Epson Printer Error Code E01. The strategies will be adequate to fix the issue. If the error persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to our printer Support team and discover solutions to all your printer-related errors.

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2 thoughts on “Fix Epson Printer Error Code E01”

    1. In order to evoke Epson printer reset using the control panel on the printer, do as following:

    2. Tap the Home button on the printer and it shall launch the control panel.
    3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the setup option. Once you reach that menu, tap Ok.
    4. Find Restore Default settings and choose Ok.
    5. You can also pick Restore Network Settings by making use of the arrow keys. Select ok.
    6. Once done, restart the system. This shall reset the Epson printer to factory settings.

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