How to Fix Epson Printer Communication Error

Epson Printer Communication Error

In the middle of a printing task and you encounter ‘Epson printer communication error‘. If yes, you aren’t alone. This blog shall help you resolve your error.

‘Epson Communication Error‘ is a prevalent issue that annoys Epson printer users all across the globe. This error can impede the communication between the printer and the computer. Epson is a fantastic printer brand recognized for the collection of printers exercising advanced technology and priced at a reasonable rate. Like every gadget or equipment is vulnerable to glitches, it isn’t unusual to see Epson printers facing errors. This article shall address the reasons for a computer not communicating with a printer and how to overhaul it.

What are the common causes of Epson communication error on Mac and Windows

The communication error of the Epson printer, like mentioned earlier is a prevalent issue. The good aspect of this error of the Epson printer is that it can be settled effortlessly without asking for any technical knack. The common reasons why this error might bother you include:

  • Inadequate power supply
  • Broken power cord
  • Problem with the network
  • Incorrect printer installation
  • The cables and cords not being firm

The Epson printer communication error mac might have the following features:

  • A message stating communication error.
  • The print outs wouldn’t be clear and the colors may not be bright
  • The printer shall terminate all scanning procedures.
  • Error codes being displayed while carrying out print functions.
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Ways to overhaul a communication error

Follow These Steps To Fix This Error

Solution 1: Restart the printer

To fix the Epson printer communication error wireless, simply try restarting the printer. At times, restarting the printer rectifies various issues. Once you turn off the printer, unfasten all the cables and cords of the printer. After waiting for a couple of seconds, turn on the printer. Attach all the cables and cords. Now test your Epson printer communication error is fixed or not.

Solution 2: Re-installing the drivers

  •  Click start and navigate to the Control panel.
  •  Open Devices and printers and find your Epson printer.
  •   Right-click on it and select ‘Properties’.
  •   Open the drivers console.
  •   Choose the uninstall option.
  •   Once performed, download and install the Epson printer drivers.
  •  Follow the onscreen instructions for the meticulous installation of the drivers.

Solution 3: Using epson printer troubleshooting Console

  • Press Start > Control Panel.
  •  In the search bar, enter troubleshooter.
  • Choose Hardware and Sound.
  • Select the Printer and press on the troubleshoot option.

Solution 4: Update your OS

In the start console, search for ‘Windows Update’. Join as the administrator. Pursue the on-screen instructions. Once performed, confirm the Epson printer communication error is fixed or not.

If you face any hardships while executing these steps, the safe choice is to contact the experts by dialling the Epson support phone number.

Still, combatting the communication error of the Epson printer? You needn’t worry! Pick up your phone and dial the printer support number. Once you reach the team,  let the experts oversee this problem. Be assured the issue shall be fixed. 

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