Steps to resolve Epson error code 0xe5 Dial-(817) 442-6637

Epson is a sought-after brand when we talk about printers. The unparalleled feature offered by Epson printers makes it a popular choice among customers. At times, due to some issue in the hardware or software, the printer may showcase an error. One such banal glitches faced by the Epson printer is the Epson error code 0xe5.

This error hinders all the ongoing print functions and needs to be resolved immediately for the smooth functioning of the Epson printer. If you are facing Epson error code 0xe5 printer, this article has got your back. The article enlists easy steps to mitigate this problem.

What is Epson error code 0Xe5?

The Epson error 0xe5 is an issue that stems due to obsolete drivers or a virus attack. Some other factors that may contribute to this error include

  • Hardware failure
  • The problem in the encoder strip
  • Stuck bits of paper
  • Faulty installation of the printer

If you don’t have technical knowledge about it we will recommend you to call on printer tech support 817 442 6637.

How to repair error code: 0xe5 Epson printer

  1. The first step asks for the user to inspect thoroughly the encoder strip. If any foreign material is found on the strip, using a soft surface wipe it clean.
  2. Cross-check whether any fragments of paper are hindering the smooth functioning of the printer. If any such bit is found, cautiously remove it.
  3. Update the epson printer drivers and also confirm the drivers installed are meeting the system requirements.
  4. Check the board of the printer for any damages.
  5. Also, confirm the printer hardware is installed properly. Confirm the cartridges are set properly to evade the Epson printer error code 0xe5.

Thoroughly verifying the hardware of the system resolves the Epson error code 0xe5 issue. Once these steps are adopted, try a sample print to check whether the printer is functioning adequately. If this method isn’t efficacious you could implement the second procedure.

Resolving using SmartPCFixer

  • Install the SmartPCFixer application on your system.
  • Execute a scan once the software is installed.
  • After the scan ceases, tap on the ‘Fix All’ option.
  • Try a demo operation to check whether the Epson printer not printing is resolved.

In case any problem still lingers, it is advisable to reach out to Epson printer technical support for solving all issues.

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