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Change Ink in Canon Printer

This blog will elucidate the procedure to change ink in Canon printer. Read further to know the correct method to do the same.

No amount of irritation can match the irritation we feel when our printer encounters an issue, especially during an important task, isn’t it? In today’s fast-paced world, when we have no time to stand and stare, possessing a printer has become a necessity. Owning any printer isn’t fine, instead, having a good and reliable printer is a must. Canon is a reliable brand manufacturing top printers suitable for diverse roles. And it’s obvious, using a printer will deplete the ink levels, and replacing the cartridges is an inevitable task that every printer owner must partake.

Points to keep in mind before implementing change ink in canon printer

Before executing the how to change ink in Canon printer procedure, it is important to keep these points in your mind

  • Ensure that the cartridges you use are authentic.
  • Keep the new cartridge handy.
  • Before installing the new cartridge verify that the protective tape is removed as leaving the protective material would cause printer issues.
  • It is recommended to immediately replace the cartridge when you remove the older one.
  • Never leave open the cover of the printer.
  • While cleaning the ink cartridge always use a soft and clean cloth.

How to override printer ink levels

If your windows are showing a warning that the level of ink in the cartridges is low, it is suggestive of the fact that the ink level is exhausted and cartridges need to be replaced.

You can also check the level of ink by opening the Canon printer driver. To do the same, you have to

  • Open the Canon printer driver.
  • Click on the maintenance tab.
  • Select ‘View Printer Status’.
  • If the level of ink is depleted, you will notice a warning sign in the ink level icon. If the warning sign is there, you need to replace the cartridge.

To change the ink cartridge, do as following:

  • Open the access door of the Canon printer.
  • Carefully eject the already installed ink cartridges.
  • Remove the protective tape from the new cartridge.
  • Install the new cartridges in the empty slot. Ensure that the metal surface faces the inside of the printer.
  • Close the cover and halt for a couple of minutes.
  • Once the light blinks, you can try a demo print to check whether the cartridges are installed properly.

If you need assistance while executing these steps or for Canon printer troubleshooting, it is recommended to reach the printer tech support team of Canon.

How to Override the Low Ink Warning in Windows PC?

To override the ink levels on Windows 10, do as following:

  • Press Start > All apps.
  • Tap the printer icon.
  • Navigate to the configuration, utility, or tools tab.
  • Spot the ‘Estimated ink level ‘ option and click on it.
  • Choose ‘Do not show me low ink level warnings’ and press Ok.

In case any issue lingers, please reach out to the Canon printer support number.


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