Canon Printer Setup

Canon Printer Setup

Canon has established itself as one of the most popular printer brands. From its design to its applicability, everything about this brand makes it a popular choice among users. But before you can avail the terrific features of various models, it is important to execute the canon printer setup procedure. So without much delay, let’s find out the answer to how to set up canon printer wireless.

How to set up a canon printer?

Setting up the Canon printer is pretty easy and just requires some steps. In a nutshell, the printer needs to be connected to the network. For canon wireless printer setup, you need Wifi. once done, you can directly give commands to your printer and get the document printed.

Canon printer wireless setup

If you wish to connect your Canon printer wirelessly, then you can install the Canon PRINT App. Once done, you just have to hit the wireless button including your Wi-fi credentials and voila, your printer will be connected within minutes.

 Different procedures for Canon printer wifi setup

To connect your wireless printer, you can either execute the WPS procedure or the standard one. The step by step procedure is given below. Before commencing, ensure your printer connects to the internet.

WPS Setup Connection Method:

This method is usually utilised when the router has a WPS button. This method is pretty easy and if you locate a WPS icon on your router, then go ahead with the steps given below.

  • Switch on your printer and verify it is in the proximity of the router
  • Press the Wi-fi button on the printer till the light flashes
  • Tap the WPS button after halting for 2 minutes
  • While looking for the network, the light would be blue. But once the connection is established, the light would be stable
  • Give a demo print command
  • Stack the bundle of paper and see if the canon printer setup wifi is working or not.

Canon Standard Connection Method: If your router misses a WPS icon, don’t worry you can still execute the canon printer setup wirelessly. The procedure is as follows:

Network settings

  • Load the paper tray and connect the device to the printer
  • Tap and hold the resume or cancel icon for some time
  • A printed sheet would come out. Check the details for the same.

Before starting, ensure:

  • Verify the printer is switched on and connected to the device
  • Confirm whether the drivers are working
  • Check the network speed
  • Ensure the device is connected to the router

Procedure for how to setup canon printer to wifi on Windows

  • Tap Start and navigate to settings
  • Choose devices followed by printers and scanners
  • Click the add button and connect the printer to the same network

If you successfully execute these steps you would be able to use the Canon printer effortlessly.

Canon Printer Setup on Mac OS:

  • Select System Preferences followed by printers and scanners
  • Click the + button
  • From the list, pick your printer
  • Ensure the device as well as printer are connected to the same network
  • Try a demo print to check if the printer is connected or not

Connecting Canon Printer to WiFi Router without using WPS Button:

  • Download and open the Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utilities
  • Connect your printer to the system using a USB
  • Complete the connection process by opting for USB in the selection
  • Once done, change the connection alternative to IPv4
  • Type the serial number of your printer in the password section
  • Enter the wifi password and complete it
  • The setup is complete and you could remove the USB cord to use the printer wirelessly.

Who are we?

So aforementioned was the procedure for how to set up a canon printer. In case of any issues, you can simply reach to printer troubleshooting. We have a panel of experts who shall fix your issues within minutes and give you the best solution. For that, simply pick up your phone and dial our Canon support number.

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