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Canon printer paper jam issue

If you own a Canon printer then encountering a Canon printer paper jam is pretty common. This Blog will help you to fix the error. Printers are an essential appliance. From saving us by printing that last-minute document to helping us in the application process, printers are an awesome device, and no amount of acknowledgment can justify the amount of work they do. There is an array of printers available, having varied utility and prices. One printer brand that is sought-after and has proved itself as a renowned brand time and again is Canon. Canon offers an unprecedented range of printers, suitable for every requirement and budget.

A paper jam usually happens when the orientation of the sheet is incorrect or when the ongoing operation is hindered. If you have encountered this issue and are seeking an answer to how to fix a paper jam in a Canon printer, you can take a sigh of relief. Read further to know the basic procedure to resolve the Canon printer jam but no paper issue.

How to fix a Canon printer paper jam issue?

Some easy Canon printer troubleshooting steps for jammed paper is as follows:

  • Check for the message displaying the paper jam issue.
  • Open the paper tray and carefully remove jammed paper and output paper.
  • If using multiple trays, inspect all of them for paper jams.
  • Using both hands remove the paper cassette. If you locate any paper jam, carefully remove them.
  • If your printer says paper jam, when not, there is a probability that there is some stuck paper that is not noticeable. It is suggested to thoroughly examine each component of the printer.
  • In the Canon Pixma range, the paper is fed from the front.
    • If you are facing a paper jam, simply eject the output cover.
    • Ensure the printer is turned off.
    • If the paper is stuck under the FINE cartridge, move it to the extreme right or left.
    • Using both hands, hold the paper, and pull it. While executing this step ensure that the paper doesn’t tear. Once the paper is removed, close the lid and turn on the printer.

These are stop steps that shall resolve this Canon printer error. In case you are still bothered by the canon printer paper jam error code, feel free to reach out to Canon printers support team.

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