Guide For ‘Canon Printer Is Printing Blank Pages’ Issue

Canon Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

This blog shall address the primary causes of canon printer is printing blank pages issues and easy steps to fix the issue.

Why canon printer is printing blank pages when it has ink

If your Canon printer has ink but still is not printing, then the primary causes of this problem are as follows:

  • Hardware glitch
  • Faulty installation of the cartridge
  • Depleted ink levels
  • Blockage in the printer
  • Corrupt system files

Canon printer printing blank pages after cartridge change

If you are facing the issues of the blank page after cartridge change then the reasons for this problem could be following:

  • Using Incompatible Cartridges
  • Installing duplicate cartridges
  • Ink blockage
  • Faulty installation
  • Inaccurate printer settings

How to fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages error

If you are troubled by canon printer printing blank pages error then given below is a comprehensive guide for how to troubleshoot canon printer. Just follow the procedure and put all your issues to rest.

Procedure 1: Cleaning the printer

  • Access control panel on your system.
  • In devices and printers, right-tap on the Canon printer and select properties
  • Navigate to device settings followed by preferences
  • Choose the print head, followed by Services and Clean Print head.
  • Repeat this procedure for thorough cleaning.
  • You can also evoke the nozzle check option.
  • Once done, try a demo print to see if the issue is fixed or not.

Procedure 2: Update the printer drivers

  • Press Windows and S keys to access the search box. Type device manager and open it.
  • Select print queue option
  • Right-click on the printer and select update driver
  • Choose update to update the driver

NOTE: You can Download Driver From Canon Official site

Procedure 3: Reinstall the printer driver

  • Open Programs and Features in the control panel.
  • Right-tap on the printer and select uninstall.
  • Restart your device. Then reinstall the driver to resolve the canon printer error.

Procedure 4: Checking the breather tape

Inspect your cartridge and verify the tape is removed. At times, the tape causes issues in the expulsion of ink.

Procedure 5: Replace the cartridge

Try replacing the old cartridge with a new one and check if it fixes the issue.

Procedure 6: Inspect the quality of the cartridges

While using any cartridges ensure it is of prime quality. Always use authentic cartridges that are compatible with your printer.

Procedure 7: Verify the document

At times, the document which you wish to print may have blank pages hence this condition. So check if your documents have blank pages and you can also select the skip blank pages option.

Procedure 8: Unclog the print head

If your printer hasn’t been used for long, the points may be clogged. To fix it,

  • Turn off your printer
  • Remove the cartridges
  • Using a soft surface wipe them clean
  • Then properly install them

So these were the steps to fix this issue. We hope you find them beneficial. In case of any further assistance, reach out to Canon Printer tech support.

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