Tried and Tested Procedure to Fix Canon Printer Error u052

Canon Printer Error u052

You have executed a print operation and in between, you are met with Canon printer error u052. It would be really frustating and the frustration level shall be proportional to the importance of the print job. Does it resonate with you? If yes you can relax as you have reached the spot that shall solve your issue.

The blog shall talk in length about the canon printer error u052 and ways how to evade it and mitigate it.

What is error u052 in canon printer?

The canon printer error u052 emerges when the print head is installed inaccurately or it is faulty. It is a prevalent issue and can be fixed easily. This issue also appears when there isn’t a print head in the printer. Read the below given Canon printer troubleshooting steps to mitigate this error.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error u052

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code u052

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error u052

  • Open the access door of the printer. This shall expose the cartridges and the print head.
  • Disconnect the power cord of the printer.
  • Remove the cartridge from the slot. This shall expose the print head.
  • Remove the print head.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth clean the print head.
  • Re-install the print head followed by the ink cartridges.
  • Ensure that they are set accurately.
  • Close the lid and connect the power source.
  • Execute a demo print to see whether the Canon Error u052 is fixed or not.

Resolve Error u052 when there is no installed print head

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Open the lid of the printer. If there aren’t any cartridges or print head, the cartridge slot shall be in the middle.
  • Insert the print head in the sliding rail adjacent to the cartridge slot.
  • Set the cartridges accurately.
  • Close the cover and check whether the issue is overhauled or not.

In case the issue lingers, reach out to the canon printer support number. Reaching out to the delegates shall fix any issue ranging from Canon printer paper jam to spooler errors.


Implement the steps mentioned below to ensure the print head is installed properly:

  • 1. Ensure the printer is turned on, and gently open the access door.
  • 2. Remove the cartridges and print head
  • 3. Re-seat the print head and cartridges to fix the error.
  • Reset the Canon printer to overhaul this issue.

  • Switch on the printer.
  • Press and hold the Stop/reset button.
  • Halt for 5 seconds and the printer shall reset itself.
  • Navigate to the system’s “Control Panel” section and select the “Printers and Faxes” option.
  • Tap the “Add A Printer” button if your Canon printer isn’t listed.
  • Pursue the on-screen instructions so that your computer initiates a detection process.
  • If the printer is not printing properly it could mean several things. To fix this error, try these steps.

  • Verify whether the ink cartridges are filled. Print a calibration page and examine the ink levels.
  • Use authentic and compatible cartridges.
  • Inspect the paper quality.
  • Canon Printer SeriesPhone NumberAvailable
    Printers – PIXMA (G Series)817 442 663724*7 Hours
    Printers – imageCLASS (MF, LBP & D Series)817 442 663724*7 Hours
    canon Printers – Wireless Series817 442 663724*7 Hours
    Printers – MAXIFY (IB, MB Series)817 442 663724*7 Hours
    Printers – PIXMA (G Series)817 442 663724*7 Hours

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