Canon Printer Error Lights Blinking

Every printer has a flashing light facility to portray its functionality. With Canon printers, you have green and orange flashing lights that give insights into any existing issues. It is suggested to carefully inspect the number of flashes or the pattern of blinking lights as this would help you understand the issue. And also based on the pattern, you can follow our guide mentioned below to resolve that issue.

Why is Canon printer green light flashing?

If in your Canon printer green light is flashing even if the printer is not in use, it means the printer is rebooting the ink tank. It is shaking the ink unit which takes about 10 seconds to 2 minutes for the entire process to complete.

What does the orange flashing light mean on my Canon printer?

The orange light flashing on the Canon printer usually alludes to an error with the printer. Based on the type and the number of orange blinks in the printer, it could mean a couple of things.

  • Power Lamp Flashes Green and Alarm Lamp Flashes Orange Alternately

What does Orange light flashing mean?

It means there is a problem with the printer.


Turn off the printer and disconnect the cord from the printer. Let it rest for some time and thereafter, refasten the cable and switch it on.

  • Two orange flashes

What does two orange flashes mean?

It means the printer is out of paper


Load the stack of paper in the tray and thereafter tap the resume/ cancel key.

Three orange flashes

Problem: It could mean any of the 3 issues:

  1. The front access door is shut
  2. Paper fed in the manual tray
  3. Paper jam
  • If the front access door is shut, open it and resume the printing
  • If the paper is fed in the manual tray, remove it from there and hit the resume button
  • Lastly, check for any paper jams. If you spot any, then carefully remove it and resume the printing.

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Four orange lights blink

Problem: This blinking alludes to faulty installation of the ink tank or the ink tank is low on ink

  • If the lamp is not lit, it allies to faulty or incomplete installation. Install it accurately to continue printing
  • Check for ink levels. If the ink levels are low then replace the ink tank.

Five Orange flashes

If on your canon Pixma orange light is flashing 5 times, it means there is a problem with the print head.

  • Follow the manual and correctly install the print head.
  • If it has already been installed, remove it and reinstall it
  • If both the solutions don’t work, it means the print head may be damaged. Reach out to Canon support then.

Why Canon printer alarm light on

The Canon printer signifies its error by flashing or blinking lights. If your canon printer alarm stays on, a message would flash on your printer status window. Based on it, take the necessary steps.

Fix unit error message appears

If the fixing unit error displays, follow the procedure below

1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the cords from the printer.

2. If a USB cable is connected, turn off the system and then disconnect the USB cord from the printer.

3. Disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet.

4 If on restarting the issue persists, contact the Canon customer service

Fix scanner error appears

Try rebooting the printer. After removing the cords, wait for some time before restarting it. In case, the error continues, contact the technicians.

These were some common Canon Printer error Lights Blinking. The solutions would help resolve them. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to canon printer troubleshooting .

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