Canon Printer Error Code 1660

Canon is a world-class brand manufacturing some of the best printers. It has established itself as a prominent printer company delivering robust, economical printers filled with various features. If you are a canon printer and are facing the support code 1660 canon mx922 error then you are at the right place.

This blog shall provide ways to fix the canon 1660 error and resume your normal printing function.

What does the Canon printer 1660 error mean?

The canon printer support code 1660 is a canon error alluding to the cartridge problem. Once this issue emerges, it shall hinder your printing function and prevent you from printing further until the issue is resolved.

How to fix Canon Printer Support Code 1660?

If you have been finding answers to how do I fix error code 1660, your wait is over. This error is one of the most prevalent errors and can be resolved easily. Just follow these steps and put your issue to rest.

Step 1

Remove the front cover of the canon printer by lifting it

Step 2

Inspect whether the red light is switched on or not

Step 3

If you spot a red light it means the positioning of the cartridges is faulty. In this case, it is recommended to carefully remove the cartridges and affix them in the correct slot. Pay all heed to ensure the cartridges are set correctly. Following this step shall ensure canon support code 1660 bypass.

Step 4:

Check if the orange cap is detached from the cartridges.

Step 5:

Once done, close the cover and press either the resume or cancel button.

Step 6:

If required, you may even restart your printer. Inspect if the canon Pixma tr470 error 1660 is displayed or not.

Resolving the Canon printer error 1600 is easy and can be done by a user itself. However, in case you find the procedure tricky or lack technical prowess, it is always advised to reach out to experts for fixing your issue. The experts know to resolve any kind of issues related to canon printers.

Now coming back to the error, when this error turns up, the orange light blinks for 4 times. Hence, it is also tagged as the orange light blinking 4 times issue. The process to troubleshoot this error was given above. Along with following the steps, it is essential to check the orientation and positioning of the cartridges. In case, you require any further assistance reach out to us on our canon support number.

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