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canon printer error 6000

Canon is a sought after brand when we talk about various electrical equipment. One device of canon that is phenomenal and popular among the masses is its gamut of printers. Although Canon printers are one of the best printers across the globe, due to thorough usage or when the printer gets old, it may develop some glitches. One error that frequently perturbs users is the Canon printer error 6000.

If you are facing a similar issue, fret not! This article provides comprehensive methodologies to resolve canon printer error code 6000.

What is error code 6000 on a Canon printer?

The Canon mx922 error code 6000 primarily occurs when there is a blockage in the opening of the paper feeder. Usually, the hindrance is caused by dust particles or some bits of paper. Some other reasons why the error code may occur include the paper feeder is set inaccurately, there are a lot of printing commands in the queue, or there is a scratch in the hardware.

How to fix canon printer error 6000 code?

The canon printer error 6000 can be resolved by adopting a few easy steps. These steps don’t ask for the expertise and could be implemented easily. However, a word of caution: If you are facing any difficulty or find these steps baffling, it is advisable to seek canon mx922 code 6000. If you want to skip all the process and need instant help then just dial our canon printer support number 817 442 6637.

Method 1: Resetting the printer


  • Unplug the printer from the power supply and halt for a couple of minutes.
  • After a few minutes elapse, reconnect the printer and turn it on again.
  • Click and hold the Power icon for a few seconds. Thereafter press the Stop button twice.
  • Redo these steps 3-4 times.
  • Very slowly release the Power button.
  • Tap the stop button 4 times.

Method 2: Additional Steps

  • Eject the paper tray and clear it.
  • Inspect whether there are any stuck bits of paper. If you find any, carefully remove them.
  • Remove the paper tray and set it again accurately.
  • Fill the paper feeder and try a sample print.

Adopting these steps shall resolve the Canon printer error 6000. In case any issue perturbs you, it is recommended to reach out to the printer support number for resolving them.

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