How to resolve Canon printer communication error?

Canon is a world-class brand popular for its phenomenal quality printers that are cost-efficient along with being efficient. However, any printer, just like the Canon printer may encounter some issues. One such issue is the Canon printer communication error.

The communication error in Canon, just like the name suggests, is the error where the communication or exchange of information between the printer and the system is disrupted. This issue can spout due to a gamut of reasons. If you are struggling with this problem, you are at the right place. This blog shall state effective Canon printer troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.

How do I fix the communication error on my Canon printer?

Procedure 1: Checking if the light on the printer is lit

If the light flashes on the Canon printer, it means the printer is receiving adequate power. Check if any connections are loose and if the wireless connection is established.

Procedure 2: Verify if the printer port is configured

  • Login to your system as the admin
  • Choose Devices and printers in the control panel.
  • Right-tap on the particular Canon printer and click on Properties.
  • Navigate to the Port tab. Ensure the USB port (n stands for numbers) is selected along with the printer’s name adjacent to it. If the printer is connected via a wireless network, the port name would be something like CNBJNP_xxxxxxxxxx.
  • If the port is inaccurate, reinstall the driver. If the port selected is accurate yet printing doesn’t occur, then right-click on the printer and choose Diagnose and Repair. Follow the on-screen instructions to mitigate the flaw.

In case of any issues, contact the canon printer tech support number.

Procedure 3: Check the drivers

Ensure the drivers installed on your system are accurate and up to date. In case they are obsolete, it is recommended to update them for smooth operations.

Procedure 4: Confirm the connectivity and the status of the printer

Cross-check if the USB cable is fastened properly and there aren’t any loose connections. Then,

  • Click on Control panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager.
  • Select Universal Serial Bus controllers, followed by USB printing support.
  • Visit the General tab and see if the printer is connected or not. In times of ambiguity, you are more than welcome to reach out to our Canon printer support team.

The above-mentioned methods would be effective in resolving your canon communication error. However, if the issue persists, you should reach out to our canon printer customer service. They shall mitigate your problem at the earliest.

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