Resolve Canon mx922 error code c000| Troubleshooting Guide

Resolve Canon mx922 error code c000| Troubleshooting Guide
November 26, 2020 No Comments Canon Printer Support admin

Canon Printer Error C000 is one of the common error codes faced by Canon printers,  especially the Pixma series, users all across the globe. Canon mx922 error code c000 usually stems because of some internal issue.  Encountering the issue can be highly infuriating as it hinders all printing operations and various other secondary functionalities as well.

Several methods could mitigate the canon mx922 error c000 and this article provides some simple and quick methods that could be adopted to resolve the canon error code.

How to fix canon mx922 error code c000?

Solution 1: Ensure the packing material has been removed

  • If the Canon c000 error sprouts in the initial printing operations, a high probability of this error emerging could be because of any stuck packing material. 
  • To check the same, open the printer cover, and inspect whether any stuck material like polystyrene or tape is there. If you find some jammed material, remove it carefully and close the cover.
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Solution 2: Verify ink cartridges are set in the correct orientation

  • Another reason for error code Canon C000 could be the faulty setting of cartridges.
  • Simply unmount the cartridges and set them again.

Solution 3: Confirm the level of ink in cartridges are sufficient

  • Carefully remove the cartridges from the printer and inspect the ink level in them.
  • If any cartridge is empty, replace them with new ones and check whether the problem has been resolved.

Solution 4: Remove all alien objects

  • Canon printer paper jam is another issue why this error code is displayed.
  • An easy and quick fix to resolve this glitch is to simply open the printer and inspect for any paper jams.
  • Check whether there are any foreign objects and also ensure the path of the paper feeder is free.

Solution 5: Reset the printer

  • If none of the above-mentioned procedures work, resetting the printer may do the job.
  • Turn off the printer and remove the power cord from the outlet.
  • After waiting for 5 minutes, plug in the power cord, and switch on the printer.
  • A point to note is that resetting the printer shall remove the faxes stowed in the memory.

If neither of the solutions works, it is suggested to reach out to us Canon Printer Customer Service. Our representative shall guide you and fix the issue.

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