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Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Lets Troubleshoot The Canon printer error 5200

Canon is a popular printer brand and has established itself as one of the most trusted printer brands. The print quality of Canon is unmatched and it comes with myriad features to give users a phenomenal printing experience. However, like every device, even canon printers can develop issues. One such error is the Canon support code 5200. In this blog, we shall present the causes along with the retort for this issue.

Canon Printer Error 5200
Canon Printer error 5200

What is error 5200 on the canon printer?

The canon printer error 5200 emerges when the levels of ink in the cartridges is dwindling or when there is a faulty installation of the cartridges. The canon error 5200 could also allude to a glitch in the logic board of the printer. If you have also incurred this issue in midst of your printing action, this article shall throw some light on effortless procedures to resolve the 5200 error of printer.

Why does the Canon Printer Error 5200 Occur?

Fault in the cartridges is the main cause of support code 5200 Canon. Low levels of ink or erroneous installation results in this issue. Even if the black ink is low, printers can still operate using other cartridges. However, if Canon printer error 5200 erupts, it alludes to a low level of ink.

Now let’s understand the solutions to fix this issue.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error code 5200

If you are seeking some easy, quick, and efficacious steps related to mitigating canon error 5200, you are at the right place. Given below are troubleshooting of canon printer steps to solve this problem.

Fix 1: Clean the print head

  • First, switch off your printer and remove the power cable. Let it rest for an hour
  • Now, carefully remove the cartridges and clean them thoroughly
  • Then, insert them back and see if the Canon error 5200 is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Refilling the ink cartridges

  • Verify the level of ink in your color and black cartridges.
  • If they are running low, refill the black followed by colored ones.
  • Once done, now inspect if your printer operates adequately.

Fix 3: Factory reset your printer

  • Switch off your printer and wait until it is completely turned off
  • Now, tap and hold the ‘stop’ and ‘on’ buttons.
  • Let go of the Stop button after 3-4 seconds while still holding the on button
  • While you are still holding the on button, hit the stop button 5 times at an interval of 2 seconds. Every time you do that, the yellow light will be on and off
  • When the LCD screen becomes blank and the On light starts blinking. This is a sign that the reset process is taking place.
  • Once the On lamp becomes stable, tap the icon again to switch it off
  • Thereafter, carefully remove the cartridges, clean the printhead and install it again. Now see if the Canon Printer Error Code 5200 is mitigated or not.

So here were some tried and tested solutions for Canon error code 5200. Just try them and you shall be able to resume normal printing of your printer. For any further assistance, contact us at the printer support number. We hope you find this article useful!

Canon Printer Error 5200 FAQ’s

The support code 5200 on the Canon printer is an error code alluding to some kind of cartridge issue. When the ink level Is low then this issue might appear.
To fix this issue refill the ink cartridge and install the cartridges correctly. Also, clean the print head and factory reset the printer to fix this issue.
When the canon pixma mx492 printer has low levels of ink then it sends the support code 5200. The best way to fix this issue is to refill the ink and factory reset the printer to resolve this issue.
  • Turn off your PIXMA MX922 and remove the power cord and USB cable.
  • Take out paper from the tray.
  • Remove jammed paper out, if you spot any

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