Your Guide to WPS Pin on Brother Printer

Brother Printer WPS Pin

Wireless printers have become the preferred mode in the past few years. While wired printers are equally good, they come with cables and cords making them difficult to be managed. The easiest alternative is wireless printers. One way of using a wireless printer is by using WPS. So let’s understand what WPS is and how to find it for brother printer.

What is WPS on Brother printer?

The brother printer WPS pin is the easiest way to connect a wireless printer. WPS stands for Wi-Fi-protected setup. If your router supports WPS then you can instantly connect your printer and use it without any hassles. Now, let’s understand how to spot the WPS pin and connect it to the printer.

Where is the WPS pin on the Brother printer?

While striving to set up the Brother machine on a wireless network, you may notice a command asking for WPS PIN to complete the setup. This generally happens if Wi-Fi Direct is allowed on your machine and you are using WPS.

You can spot your WPS pin on the control panel of your printer. The step-by-step process of finding the WPS pin is covered in the next section.

How do I find the WPS PIN code?

There are 2 methods to spot the WPS pin code. You can follow any of the methods. Also, if you encounter issues, please contact brother printer support.

Method 1:

  • Tap the menu and access the control panel
  • Using arrow keys navigate to the network
  • Choose local area network and tap ok
  • Pick WPS w/Pin option and press ok
  • Now, you could witness an 8 digit numeric code

While connecting your system to the printer, you would need to enter this code. If you encounter issues while adopting this method and need assistance regarding how do I troubleshoot your brother’s printer, feel free to contact us. If your system is connected to the printer, then that means the method was successful.

Method 2:

This method is useful for touchscreen models

  • Ensure your Brother printer is turned on
  • Access the menu
  • The select network followed by WLAN
  • Choose display code option
  • After exhibiting the code, the machine shall automatically look for a router

This was the method to look for the pin. Now let’s understand how to connect your Brother printer using WPS.

How do I connect my Brother printer to WPS?

The easiest way to connect the Brother printer to WPS is by following the step given below.

  • Start the WPS option on the brother printer as mentioned earlier
  • Enter http://access point IP address in the browser
  • Visit the WPS setting page and type the pin. Follow the screen commands to finish the task

If you are a Vista user, then the method for the same is as follows:

  • Tap the windows icon and choose a network
  • Select add a wireless device
  • Pick the device and tap next
  • Type the 8 digit pin and click next
  • Select the network and close it
  • If the successful message appears then the method was successful. If not, then retry the method.

So this was your complete guide to Brother printer WPS pin. If you wish to speak to an expert or are encountering issues like brother printer is offline, paper jam issues, etc., then do reach out to our printer customer support number.

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