Tested Solution: How To Fix Brother Printer Error Ts-02 | (817) 442-6637

Tested Solution: How To Fix Brother Printer Error Ts-02 | (817) 442-6637
December 21, 2020 No Comments Brother Printer Support admin

The Brother printer error ts-02 is one of the most frequent printer errors that perturbs the user. There is no doubt that this Japanese printer brand has lodged its name in the list of best printers; but like all devices tend to be swayed by a printer glitch, the Brother printer also has the propensity to incur an issue.

This prevalent error code emerges when there is an inability to establish a link between the WLAN access point/ router and the MAC address of the printer. Some other reasons for brother error ts-02 include corrupt system files, faulty installation of the printer, and incomplete deletion of certain files. If you are bugged by this brother printer problem, you are in the right place. This article provides a quick and efficacious way to resolve this error code.

Procedure to mitigate Brother printer error ts 02

1) Ensure there is a connection between the printer and the WLAN access point/ router.

2) Connect the printer to the internet. Verify that there is a strong network. If there is weak connectivity, chances are you might encounter this error.

3) Keep the printer in the vicinity of the network. Place the printer within a radius of 3.3 ft from the WLAN access point.

4) If there is an issue in the MAC address filtration, confirm whether the MAC address is enabled. You can get hold of the MAC address in the Network Configuration window.

5) Navigate to the setup wizard in the control panel of the printer and set the standard radio signals. The Brother printer operates at a radio signal of 2.4 GHz.

6) Fit in the correct SSID of the network in the printer settings. Also, try performing a power cycle to resolve this issue.

If the Brother printer error ts-02 prevails even after implementing the designated procedure, it is advisable to reach out for Brother printer support.       

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