How do I Clear the Brother Printer Error Light | Flashing Error LED?

Users of Brother Printer, at times, are perturbed by the flashing lights in the printer. This is one of the prevalent error codes and usually comes forth when the drum counter isn’t installed in the correct orientation or place. If you are rattled by the brother printer error light issue, you can take a sigh of relief! This article provides some expeditious methods to sort this error.

Brother printer troubleshooting steps to fix flashing lights error

The 2 quick and easy solutions to solve Brother Printer Error Light are as follows.

Resetting the drum

  1. Dismount the cartridge and drum unit.
  2. Halt for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Place the drum unit and cartridge in their accurate position.
  4. If the drum LED flashes, it indicates that the drum printer hasn’t been reset.
  5. Tap and hold the Go button, until all 4 LEDs light up.
  6. Once they illuminate, you could let go of the Go button.
  7. Close the cover and voila, your drum unit is reset.
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Inspecting the printer unit

The Brother printer all lights flashing error could also step because of fault cartridges or some other hardware glitch. Inspect whether all cables are connected properly. Also, ensure that the brother printer drivers are up-to-date. You could also try to reset the cartridges as follows:

  • Unbolt the top panel, unlatch the cartridge lock chips, and remove them carefully.
  • Halt for a minute.
  • Set one cartridge at a time inside and close the printer.
  • Try a demo print. If the error subsidies, insert the other cartridge as well.
  • Close the printer and your printer shall function properly.

Still, facing an issue?

If the methods stated above didn’t fix the brother printer error light, fret not. You can dial our Brother printer customer service and leave your worries on us. Our experts shall confer instructive advice that shall resolve your issue.

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