Effortless procedure to resolve Bitdefender Firewall blocking network printer

At times, due to certain firewall settings of the Bitdefender, it may block the connection between the PC and the printer. This blocking may be taxing, as all the printing operations would cease. If you are looking for a solution to Bitdefender Firewall blocking network printer, you are at the right place. This article shall provide an effortless step by step procedure to rectify this issue.

An easy solution to Bitdefender Firewall blocking network printer

Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to sort out this glitch. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require the prowess of an expert, and shows instant results. A note of caution: if you are completely perplexed it is advisable to reach out to our printer support team.

  1. Start the Bitdefender program.
  2. Navigate to Protection Window.
  3. In the Firewall Option, click Settings.
  4. Visit the Network Adapters tab, choose your network adaptor and click “Home/Office”.
  5. Traverse to Settings tab > tap on “Edit stealth settings”.
  6. Select the network adapter you are making use of and switch it off (the button shall turn from blue to grey).
  7. Now, go to the ‘Rules’ tab and press “Add Rule”.
  8. Enable the “Apply this rule to all applications” option.
  9. Tap on “Hide Advanced Setting”, enable the “Custom Remote Address” option, and enter your IP address.
  10. Select Save.

Following these 10 steps shall fix your issue. In case the issue lingers, feel free to dial our Support number for receiving Bitdefender antivirus support. Our delegates shall be more than happy to help you.

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