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Printers are an indispensable device, that make our lives hassle-free. From saving money to providing immediate solutions to our printing requirements, printers are devices that are quintessential for assuaging our lives.As hassle-free they make our lives, it is a harsh truth that they aren't completely guarded against any hassles. With time or due to any unforeseen circumstances, they can encounter an error. If you come across any issues, fret not! printer technical support is your go-to page to find any fix to any printer error.

Some prevalent issues encountered by customers while working on a printer device

printer not printing

Printer not printing:

This error sprouts when we are giving a command to the printer, but due to some glitch either the command is not reaching the printer or it is unable to execute that command.

printer drivers not installed

Printer driver not installed:

The printer drivers are software that helps transcribe the documents to be printed into a format comprehensible by the printer. If the driver software is outdated or has a glitch, then this issue emerges.

paper jammed

Paper jammed:

Due to faulty setting of sheets in the paper tray, the paper might get jammed in the printer. This would hamper further printing processes.

slow printing process

Slow printing process:

Due to some fault in the print server, the print processes can be sluggish.

unable to connect to wi-fi

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi:

This error sprouts when the printer is not in the range of Wi-Fi or the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi is poor.

printing blank pages

Printing blank pages:

When there is a fault in the cartridges or when the ink in cartridges has dried out or is blocked, this issue may pop-up.

poor quality print

Poor quality print:

This usually happens when the ink levels in the cartridges are low or there is another issue in the ink cartridges.

printer spooling errors

Printer Spooling errors:

The primary cause of this kind of error is when there is already a document in the printing process, and another document is added in the queue by the spooler.

error in printer set-up

Error in printer set-up:

While installing or setting up the printer, if the mentioned procedure isn't followed adequately, then this issue occurs.

fault in power plug-in

Fault in power plug-in:

The power plug is the source that connects the device to an active power source. If there is any defect in it, then all the processes would be hindered.

Inability to receive a command print

Inability to receive a command print:

This usually happens when there isn't a sturdy connection between the printer and the PC or laptop.

Scanner operational but printer is not

Scanner operational but printer is not:

This error usually alludes that either there is a fault in the hardware of the printer or there is a glitch in cartridges

Out of a sudden printer stops working

Out of a sudden printer stops working:

If out of sudden the printer stops working, it implies a fault in the power supply or there is a short circuit in the printer.

Printer in error state

Printer in error state:

This suggests a problem is in the printer hardware.

Some other printer hindrance

Some other printer hindrance:

Apart from the above-mentioned errors, the printer may encounter some other issues as well.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my printer not printing?

Some steps to fix your printer not printing issue include:

  • Checking the power supply
  • Removing any paper jams
  • Ensuring your printer firmware is up to date
  • Inspecting all the wires and firm
  • Ensuring your printer is connected to the wi-fi

What causes a printer to stop working?

The printer may stop working due to a number of issues. Some of the major issues include printer out of paper, low ink, paper jams, obsolete drivers, and faulty connections. 

Why is my printer connected but not printing?

This could be of incorrect printer settings. Ensure the printer is set as the default printer and has adequate ink and paper. Also, confirm your printer settings. 

How do you reset your printer?

The process to reset the printer includes: 

  • Turning off your printer and removing all the cords of the printer 
  • Let it rest for some time.
  • Once done, attach all the cables and restart your printer. 

How do I fix my printer not responding?

To fix this, do as follows:

  • Ensure your printer is set as default printer
  • Remove the print queue
  • Reset the printer
  • Update the settings and firmware
  • Restart the printer and your system